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Dec 31, 2017

Who was your first crush? A celebrity? A classmate? For Ryan, it was Mothra's twin fairies, and so he's dragged Sam and Joanna to the front row seats for this episode's viewing of Mothra.

Actor and improviser Charlotte Spangler joins the Godzillavangelists on their journey through the incredibly bizarre world of paper-mache chickens and Japanese interpretations of Christianity. Is Jesus Christ a 60-meter female butterfly? Possibly!

Next episode features King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963). We'll be watching both versions, but the American version is up first!

Godzillavangelists is a satirical, critical work not affiliated or endorsed by Toho, Legendary Pictures, or anyone behind the Godzilla series. Visit our website at! We’re also on Twitter @Godzillacast, and Instagram @Godzillavangelists! And we have a Godzillavangelists Facebook page too!