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Sep 16, 2022

Japan has Godzilla, the USA has King Kong, and the DPRK has Pulgasari. Join the Godzillavangelists as we explore North Korea's biggest, weirdest giant monster movie taking place in the feudal era!

Guest and journalist Natalie Morin has covered the Korean culture beat but she's never covered a story as strange as the making of Pulgasari. And neither have we, since it involves kidnapping, prison escape, and Marchan the Dwarf! You gotta hear it to believe it.

Thanks for your patience, Godzillavangelist disciples. We have had some difficulties lately but you SHOULD see our long-delayed 5th anniversary episode next.

Godzillavangelists is a satirical, critical work not affiliated or endorsed by Toho, Legendary Pictures, or anyone behind the Godzilla series.

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