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Oct 31, 2019

The Godzillavangelists really stick their neck out this time, when they go to bat against the fandom and defend Son of Godzilla! Or at least, Ryan does, while Sam has a love affair with a striped shed and Joanna questions Godzilla's parenting techniques.

Ryan's own sister Lauren visits the podcast to share some childhood memories and organize a slash-and-burn offense to protect Minya's honor. If you wanted to know more about the weirdo Sargent household, you'll get your chance on this ep.

Next episode is ACTUALLY a double feature of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero and Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster! How it got mixed up is a complicated and boring story.

Godzillavangelists is a satirical, critical work not affiliated or endorsed by Toho, Legendary Pictures, or anyone behind the Godzilla series. Visit our website at! We’re also on Twitter @Godzillacast, and Instagram @Godzillavangelists! And we have a Godzillavangelists Facebook page too!