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Oct 19, 2023

Ultraman's not-so-famous brother Inframan is here to slay monsters and do backflips! We're covering 1975's glorious sci-fi cheesefest Inframan and boy is there a lot to say! Who knew that such a rickety movie could be so influential?

Sam is back with Ryan and Joanna, reuniting the classic Godzillavangelists trio. Suggested discussion topics include 1970s film industry safety practices, science lab interior decorating, and if you'd rather work for Princess Dragon Mom or the Science Force.

Next episode, we'll be covering Bong Joon-Ho's The Host! Probably! Or Godzilla vs. Megalon!

Godzillavangelists is a satirical, critical work not affiliated or endorsed by Toho, Legendary Pictures, or anyone behind the Godzilla series.

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